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Office e-mail info@bennettevents.com | Office phone: 801.822.1333 | Office fax: 801.794.1365
Mailing address: P.O. Box 955, Spanish Fork, Utah 84660


The Pinners crew

Roxanne Bennett | Pretty Much In Charge

Sales and - you know - everything. 801.361.8382 | roxanne@bennettevents.com

Kendall Bennett | Pretty Much In Charge, As Allowed

Operations, facilities & planning. Also representing all males everywhere. 801.368.7118 | kendall@bennettevents.com

Patti Meuter | Presenter Coordinator & Happiness Leader

Overseeing presenter relations & all classes. No pressure, right? | patti@bennettevents.com

Kalli White | Marketing & Media

Social Media / Marketing. And most of the great videos/photos we have. Stop offering her other jobs. | kalli@bennettevents.com

Delaney Nelson | Office Manager

Covers lots of stuff. Shocker. Also the smartest person on staff. Not a high bar. Office 801.822.1333 | info@bennettevents.com

Christina Hofheins | Accounting & Event Specialist

Not your typical accountant. Also turns into event coordinator extraordinaire on show days. 435.668.4140 | accounting@bennettevents.com

Emilee Stokes | Communication Director

Exhibitor relations & (along with Christina) event coordinator extraordinaire on show days | emilee@bennettevents.com

Sales pros :)

Lisa Bench | Sales Manager

Lisa's been doing this awhile. Like our whole time. 801.441.9127 | lisa@bennettevents.com

Amy Shurtz | Sales Goddess

Super sales woman. Two super cute kids :) 480.369.6137 | amy@bennettevents.com

Kim Christiansen | Sales Goddess

A new repeat Grandma. Loves her AZ home. 480.338.3135 | kim@bennettevents.com

Kelsey Bitton | Sales Goddess

Not only awesome at helping you, but a pretty awesome dancer once upon a time. 801.471.7849 | bitton@bennettevents.com

Marcie Parson | Sales Goddess

Great at finding & helping people from everywhere. Our Colorado gal. 703.964.6116 | marcie@bennettevents.com

Shayli Hannemann | Sales Goddess

New mom. Puts up with me always mentioning that her hub is a star in the Cubs organization.  801.372.4519 | shayli@bennettevents.com

Whitney Tibbits | Sales Goddess

Nicest person you'll ever meet. Also was Miss Idaho. Loves potatoes. Now in TX. 208.569.5585 | whitney@bennettevents.com