What is the Pinners Conference & Expo?

Pinners is two great events in one. It's a conference featuring 100 Pinterest-based classes taught by the best presenters in the nation. And it's also an expo with over 200 top businesses providing beautiful options in the worlds of DIY, crafts, cooking, self-improvement, photography, party planning, scrapbooking, holiday, beauty and fashion and all sorts of other great things. What's Pinners? It's where Pinterest comes to life. And it's your new favorite event!

The heart of Pinners is our fun classes. Check 'em out!

These classes are the best, and are taught by the best. There will be 100 classes taught by your very favorite bloggers, companies and teachers such as Whippy Cake, HandLettered Design, Becky Higgins, Vintage Revivals, Design Roots and many others. You're going to be inspired, educated, creative and happy. Check 'em all out here.

The Basics

Admission: General (exhibits and shopping) = $8.
Class passes (incl's admission) $15 to $29
Many classes will have optional kits to buy once you're in the class.
Kids 12 & years and under FREE to all events. VIP info here.
Where: The Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, TX.
Hours: Friday 10 am til 8 pm. Saturday 9 am til 7 pm.
All ticket options (except VIP) available at the door.

Grab a combo library & live-stream pass

Can’t be here? No problem. You can view Pinners online AND enjoy our awesome library for a whole year! It's kind of like being a happy little fly on the wall in each city. It's all about more learning, more creating and more connecting. And there's more info here.

"Oh wow! I loved the neat selection of classes. It was so hard to choose just one during each time slot. Cannot wait to do 2 days next year instead of 1 day. So much fun."
2016 attendee feedback 

"I loved it!! We have Sister's Day there and my sisters and I had a wonderful time. Thank you so much. We loved the make-it take-it activities."
2016 attendee feedback 

“My second year and loved it even more than last year!”
2016 attendee feedback 

“First time participant. Will definitely return especially now I understand how cool it is!”
2016 attendee feedback 

"My friend and I enjoyed every minute of it! Amazing shopping, huge class selection and our favorite part was the darling ladies who greeted us at the door! Super cute & made us feel so welcome! I’ve told all my friends how amazing it was-we will all be back next year.”
2016 attendee feedback 

Love it! I made such great things today and got lots of ideas for more things I want to make. Can't wait until tomorrow.

Jackie LeClere Baca
2016 Texas Pinners 

Oh my, this conference was the best! I attended on Friday, I didn't bring my tickets, the lady at ticket counter was so nice and looked up my registration I could not thank her enough. You guys did an outstanding job. See you in September!

Cheryl Goatley
2016 Texas Pinners 

Enjoyed the #pinnersconf in Arlington TX this weekend. Lots of classes, lots of inspiration and lots of shopping...what more could a crafter want !

2016 Texas Pinners