Pinners California September 25-26, 2020
Will Rogers Memorial Center
Fri 10am - 8pm | Sat 9am - 7pm
Home Depot

These changes will keep you safe.
All the Pinners fun will keep you happy.


Updated July 1, 2020

We have been talking quite a bit to the Will Rogers Memorial Center and Tarrant County as you've probably guessed :) They have recommended that masks be worn at all fall events, even if the current mask requirement has passed by then. We are making floor plan adjustments (more aisle space, etc.) but at this moment they tell us "you are still currently approved by the state's Open Texas plan (for September 25-26, 2020)." We will communicate anything else that we hear immediately here.

That being said, this is going to be such a good show. Our new facility is full of some of our best-ever shops and classes. But of course there will be new procedures in place to make sure everyone is safe.

In keeping with Texas health care recommendations, the following are likely at this years show:
1- Temperature checks in the entry line (must be < 100.5)
2- Masks recommended in the show
3- Masks required in the classrooms (bring 'em if you have 'em :)
4- Tougher than CDC recommended sanitary procedures including disinfecting each classroom every class time.
5- Increased facility sanitizing stations and restrooms.
Of course we ask anyone not feeling well to stay home and those over 65 to consider their health.

We look forward to seeing you all at the show. Stay safe and look forward to the "real-life" great weekend!

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